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We hope these landscape care tips will make your yard pleasant and enjoyable!

Landscape Care Guidelines

Landscape Care

6 Simple Steps for the proper care of your landscaping

  1. All shrubs should be pruned at least once per year in order to promote desirable growth from the bottom branches upward. Any time of year is okay, with late winter being optimal. Maintain desired size and shape of shrubs as needed by pruning.
  2. Implement a non-selective post-emergence herbicide spray program. The first summer will be the hardest, with applications necessary on a 2 to 3 week interval. Spray in early morning or late evening to prevent drift. Do not water area for 24 hours after spraying. KEEP SPRAY OFF SHRUBS. It may be beneficial to apply a pre-emergence herbicide. This works to control weed seeds from germinating. If we have converted a turf are to bed, a weed barrier fabric has been installed to reduce weed growth, but is not adequate without a good spray program.
  3. Fertilize all trees and shrubs with a slow release fertilizer with an analysis of 14-14-14 or similar in early spring and again in mid summer. Do not fertilize after August 15th.
  4. Water is the key to insuring establishment the first year. By the second year, all plants should be established enough to acclimate to naturally provided water, except during extremes. SUPPLEMENT WATERING THE FIRST YEAR FREQUENTLY TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! Water slowly to insure soil penetration. This is called ‘deep watering’. If using an automatic irrigation system, monitor conditions regularly and make adjustments according to specific areas and the season. Not all areas will need the same amount of water. Be aware of soggy areas and try to correct precipitation amounts, as root rot may become an issue.
  5. Freshen mulch twice a year to keep all beds at optimal appearance.
  6. Monitor all trees and shrubs for pests and or disease. If something looks sick, it is. Call your local extension service agent or us for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.