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Most Common Customer Questions

We provide landscaping, irrigation, maintenance and construction services. Please see our Services page for more information.

All shrubs should be pruned at least once per year in order to promote desirable growth from the bottom branches upward. Any time of year is okay, with late winter being optimal . Maintain desired size and shape of shrubs as needed by pruning.

Yes, please visit our About page to see a list of our Licenses and Certifications.

We service both Residential and Commercial customers.

Fertilize all trees and shrubs with a slow release fertilizer with an analysis of 14-14-14 or similar in early Spring and again in mid-Summer. Do not fertilize after August 15th.

Yes, most likely. This process removes the Back Flow Device (usually installed above ground per code requirements) and relieves any pressure in the main and lateral lines. The back flow will need to be re-installed prior to use the following spring.

Water is the key to insuring establishment the first year. By the second year, all plants should be established enough to acclimate to naturally provided water, except during extremes. FREQUENTLY SUPPLEMENT WATERING THE FIRST YEAR TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! Don’t forget to follow this regiment in the Winter also, as most Winter injury is actually the result of drought before severe cold. Water slowly to ensure soil penetration. This is called ‘deep watering’. If using an automatic irrigation system, monitor conditions regularly and make adjustments according to specific areas and the season. Not all areas will need the same amount of water. Be aware of soggy areas and try to correct precipitation amounts, as root-rot may become an issue.