Engaging Design
Great landscaping design combines both art and science to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing extension of indoor living. Old Mill Stream landscapes seek to combine all types of modern structures seamlessly into their natural surroundings. By utlizing basic priniciples in the use of color, scale, texture and form, we’re able to create earthly works of art.

Form Follows Function
Old Mill Stream assists you in the entire design process – from concept to completion. Along the way, we give you insight as to what will work best with your structure and your grounds.

Commercial Service On Demand
You count on Old Mill Stream’s Commercial Projects Team to handle a wide range of projects – large or small. By integrating our experienced crews with proper planning, even the biggest projects are executed with relative ease.

One Size Fits All
For larger commercial projects, like lakes, overall grounds planning and institutional installments, Old Mill Stream’s fit for task. We assist our clients in overall deisgn, natural resource selection and provide consulting regarding maintanence and upkeep.

Urban Intimacy
City business centers can be beautiful too, as this courtyard at a downtown Raleigh office shows. The etched brick on a mortorless sand base make it wonderful and intimate. Better still, our client used this as a fundraiser, where people purchased bricks that were later engraved before installation.

Institutional Greenways
Our institutional portfolio is impressive. We help you stretch your dollars, while considering maintenance costs down line. By combining our horticultural expertise with your budget, we create solutions that work year-round. Keep’s everyone happy – even accounting.

High Traffic
With different facilities, come different needs and new challenges. We incorporate your logistical demands into engagements that compliment grounds and strengthen corporate identities. Consider us your Vice President of Mother Nature.

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